Shakenya Burch, Ed.S LPC, NCC, CPCS

I am originally from Birmingham, AL. In my free time I enjoy exploring the city with my friends and family. I love reading a good inspirational or romance novel. I am a devoted podcast listener and foodie. Mental health has been my passion since 2011 and I love that I get to help others manifest the life that they have always dreamed of. I have watched people come into my office broken, lost, and hopeless and leave rejuvenated and thriving. As someone who has seen her rock bottom, I know how difficult this journey can be. My therapy style is very intentional and personal. If you're ready to do the work, then I'm ready to assist you. I offer a somatic look into healing that incorporates the mind and body. 

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Amber Calhoun, MS.

I am originally from Charlotte, NC and I attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I moved to Georgia two years ago in pursuit of furthering my education in clinical psychology. I recently earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Clayton State University and am currently working towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am passionate about maintaining a healthy mental wellbeing, and feel that we should prioritize our mental health like we do our physical health. I believe that our past experiences strongly influence how we think about ourselves, others, and the world, so as your therapist I strive to help you reframe and reconstruct any unhealthy thoughts or beliefs that may hinder you from living the life you desire. I would describe myself as genuine, caring, and compassionate. In my free time, I enjoy watching a good movie or binge watching TV series, as well as engaging in activities like skating and working out. My therapy approach is person centered, so I believe that it is important for us to collaborate and work together to find ways for you to best meet your personal goals.

Jaclyn Tenorio, LMHC

Hi, I'm Jacky! I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. My favorite things to do always have to do with the outdoors; hiking, swimming, running, and I'm looking to add camping to that list here in Georgia! I am a Dog Person, a Christian, and a Vegan (yes, you can be all of those things - haha). I first learned about mental health and psychology when I went through my own personal trauma as a teenager. Finding therapy a huge relief from the stresses of my adolescent life, I felt like I had finally found my true calling. Since then, I've worked hard to create a career around helping others find that same acceptance and peace that I felt when I finally felt understood by someone; my therapist. My approach will always be at your pace, in your time, and with your goals in mind. I am ready to support you as you learn about yourself, be there with you as you feel your feelings, and help you find your way to yourself again.

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Patricia Maul-Jones, Ph.D. LPC

Loving life and living out loud is what I ascribe to do. I was born in St. Louis, MO but spent most of my adult life in the San Francisco, Bay Area of California. In my free time I enjoy dancing and acting and I am usually performing with a dance group or in a play at any given time.  I also love to travel and I have touched 6 of the 7 continents including living in Liberia, West Africa for 4 ½ years.  Needless to say, I have seen a lot and experienced a lot and I bring that wealth of wisdom into my therapy of empowerment.  I am also an open-minded believer in God with a heavy background in Biblical studies. I have a way of transforming your difficult/complex situations into simple, resolvable solutions.  I am a calm, loving, funny, insightful therapist.  Our sessions will feel like a warm embrace that will leave both of us feeling reformed, inspired and enlighten. 

Tiera Couch, LCSW

I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. I enjoy good food, art, cultural experiences, hiking, reading, and exploring the city. Mental health is my passion and my purpose. I've been involved in this field since 2015. I know how it feels to LOOK strong, to LOOK like you have it all together, and to try to meet self-imposed, family, and/or societies impossible standards. My goal is to offer a safe space where you feel seen, a place that allows you to be uncensored and truly embrace your individuality unapologetically; as you define what a healthy life/mind means to you. My clinical approach can be described as relatable, validating, challenging, and honest. I’m ready to meet you where you are and support you as you meet your goals.

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